How to organize a surprise weekend?

You want to surprise your half by organizing a stay only for you two but you do not know where to start? Do not panic, we give you some tips to make your project a success.

1. Find an excuse. A surprise always has its effect, but for that, you have to anticipate and set a date for your departure. Several options are available to you, you can, for example, invent a false invitation to friend’s home. The goal is that he does not suspect anything.

2. Book a romantic accommodation. To make the surprise complete, why not book a villa in Sotagrande for your romantic break? Warmer than a hotel, the luxury villas of Sotogrande offer a lot of services such as spa, jacuzzi, golf course… everything you need to impress him.

3. Think of small details. To really surprise him and make the difference, there’s nothing better like organizing a romantic dinner or a walk hand in hand, but above all, do not forget to cut your phones so that this moment for you two really is!

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